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small change - BIG DIFFERENCE

Do you know what's down the back of your sofa, in the jam jar on the kitchen shelf or in the bottom of your handbag? Fed up with lugging around all that copper?

Well, that small change could make a big difference to Reclaim Life. Many of us have switched to contactless payments in recent months and have accumulated a large amount of small change.

The newspapers estimate up to £50 million is lying around our homes waiting to be put to a good use.

We can convert that copper into life changing sessions.

We are working hard to make a difference to people with emotional health issues and you can help us. Like many others, we have had a drop in the number of donations, just at a time when we are needed most.

If you would like our help with clearing all that loose change, just email us to donate it to Reclaim Life and we can arrange a collection point. If you prefer to donate it direct to our bank, please ask for details.

Kind regards

The Reclaim Life team